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November 30, 2016

SPS-K12 announces Norwood City Schools as their newest customer. Norwood City schools has decided to take advantage of the SPS-K12 local directory solution to keep student accounts up to date and accurate, as well as ease the burden on IT. With the SPS-k12 solution, Norwood staff can focus on learning and engagement in their learning community, rather than wrestling with data and leaving students out of lessons due to local directory issues.

SPS-k12, the leading provider of local directory solutions for school districts, is proud to announce a partnership and full integration with Clever. The integration will provide districts using Clever to transfer their data seamlessly to SPS-K12. Student Provisioning Services (SPS-K12) believes that school districts should be able to concentrate on their core mission: providing quality education to students, and not waste valuable district resources manually wrestling with data. Student Provisioning Services works with districts of all sizes to implement customized data management solutions which allow you to focus on your mission and your students.

Student Provisioning Services offers a solution that can help! Student Provisioning Services (SPS) offers a cloud-based data integration system for managing student data that is fully automated, cost effective, customizable, and scalable to meet the needs of future growth.

With the SPS data management solution, Active Directory is synchronized with cloud-based tools to allow all student accounts district-wide to be set up with user-names and passwords, so all student accounts are ready to go on day one. Schools receive daily email summaries that include log files that detail all actions taken for every student. The SPS solution can be partnered with other applications to expand data management to other areas within school districts such as libraries, transportation, food service, and data storage.*** SPS will work with your existing systems to create a fully customized solution to fit your district’s needs. Because the process is fully automated, this results in far fewer errors in the system, and provides a clean, accurate data foundation for ongoing data management.

About Norwood City Schools
For 58 years, Norwood High School served the needs of the Norwood community. To accomodate a growing enrollment, a new high school was opened in 1972 adjacent to the old school. The new senior high served grades 10, 11 and 12. Years later, it was decided the high school should consist of grades 9-12. Modern facilities include a color television system connected by cable to all Norwood public and parochial schools, a planetarium, a data processing center, and a districtwide copy center with more than 10,000 teaching aids.