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SPS to Attend IDEACoN 2020, Schaumburg, IL

February 24, 2020

SPS is thrilled to be attending this year's IDEAc💡n. Visit the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) exhibit to learn more about how Student Provisioning Services can save you time, eliminate human error, and keep your learning community Tech Ready from Day1! 

Stop by and ask for the SPS Case Study or schedule a time to talk with us at the conference using this link. You can also  give me a call or text at (614) 374-4398. We can:

  • Discuss your current practices 
  • Discuss any areas of concern 
  • Review applicable solutions
  • Find out if automation is right for your learning community 

Check out our latest press release featured in the Daily Herald here. 

One of the biggest misconceptions is that your G-Suite organizational structure needs to mirror your local LDAP structure (MicroFocus eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory). There are some benefits to making them a mirror image of each other, but there are some many other benefits to thinking about it in a completely different way. Read the full article here

Lastly, SPS-K12 offers a discount for purchasing through our partner, ILTPP. Click here for more information

Hope to see you there! Not attending? Check out our blog for helpful information.

About Student Provisioning Services (SPS)
Student Provisioning Services (SPS) is a cloud-based data integration system designed for learning communities to manage student data. The service is fully automated, cost-effective, customizable, and scalable to meet the needs of future growth. With the SPS account management solution, Active Directory, or eDirectory, is synchronized with cloud-based tools to allow all student accounts district-wide to be set up with user-names and passwords, so all student accounts are ready to go on day one. The SPS solution can be partnered with other applications to expand account management to other applications like Google. SPS will work with your existing student information system or SIS to create a fully customized solution to fit your district's needs. Because the process is fully automated, this results in far fewer errors in the system and provides a clean, accurate data foundation for ongoing data management.