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Student Provisioning Services

Opportunities to Partner with SPS

Partnership opportunities

Education Technology Partnerships 2Student Provisioning Services is continually seeking alliances with Education Service Providers to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency in their student account management processes. With several API partnerships, Student Provisioning Services can integrate with other complementary solutions to enable learning communities to concentrate on their core mission: providing quality education to students, rather than wasting valuable district resources manually wrestling with student account management. Third party solutions that we integrate with include Clever, VendorLink for ProgressBook, and more. In addition, we have an official partnership with the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program or ILTPP.

Our partners today, as well as those we are seeking, are comprised of the following:

1) Complementary solution providers where the partner and Student Provisioning Services both see increased value by working together rather than acting alone.

2) Innovative Education Services partners and recognized leaders whose ability to think out of the box can lead to new and exciting approaches to student account management.

3) Organizations that are continually seeking new ways to improve the value and productivity of their current solutions for their member schools.

As a part of the Student Provisioning Services partnership community, we are proud to have innovators, visionaries and industry movers and shakers who are making it their mission to support learning communities. Student Provisioning Services continues to seek co-marketing partners and relationships with purchasing co-ops and education consortiums to leverage the vast opportunities for a new generation of student account management for educational communities. The resulting win-win relationship involves industry and technical expertise, a solid business model, and a strong focus on client success.

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