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We work with learning communities throughout the United States

Districts in these states have gone live with our cloud-based data integration system for managing student accounts that is fully automated, cost-effective, customizable, and scalable to meet the needs of future growth.

SPS Helps Schools Nationwide

Best of all, they will not have to do anything with any student accounts this summer and into the school years ahead!

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"+1 (at least!) for Keith's Student Provisioning Services"

"While we are a much smaller school, I have greatly benefited from using Keith's Student Provisioning Services (SPS) program. I would think larger districts would only have that benefit magnified.

In the past I spent several days updating AD based on the currently printed enrollment data. I had to keep a close eye on any new students or W/D and make sure the account was created or deleted.

This summer, we set up SPS and it syncs SIS, AD, and Clever. We use the student's legal name, firstname.lastname, as entered in the SIS. Staff, and soon students, use Clever single sign-in to access Sycamore and Google Apps with their Google credentials.

I have not created/disabled/deleted an AD account since school started. It's a beautiful thing! ;-)"

-Beth Hughes, IT Coordinator, Delaware Christian

Tolles Career and Technical Center


Jeff Thoman of Tolles Career and Technical Center talks to us about using data base management by Student Provisioning Services. It's a more than an active directory solution.

Schedule a demo so we can share how our data management solutions can help your learning community focus on students and improve learning outcomes. We look forward to showing you how our product will have your students spending more time engaging and less time logging in.

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