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Data Management and Beyond

As a leading education technology company, SPS-K12 understands the data challenges your IT departments faces in your learning community. Student Provisioning Services offers a solution that can help! Student Provisioning Services (SPS) offers a cloud-based data integration system for managing student accounts that is fully automated, cost effective, customizable, and scalable to meet the needs of future growth. Our active directory solution is second to none. Creating and maintaining an accurate active directory is critical to your learning community but it can be difficult and time-consuming. SPS-K12 can solve this, ease the burden for your IT department and keep your students learning.

Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Your local Directory service or active directory is securely synchronized with cloud-based tools to allow all student accounts district-wide to be set up with user-names and passwords, so all student accounts are ready to go on day one.



Select our Product and rest assured that you’ve made the right choice for your learning community. SPS will work with your existing systems to create a fully customized solution to fit your district’s needs. The SPS solution can be partnered with other applications including Google Apps, to expand account management to other areas within school districts.

Fully Automated

Fully Automated

Our service is used by learning communities of all sizes for years - now you can follow their lead. Because the process is fully automated, this results in far fewer errors in the system, and provides a clean, accurate data foundation for ongoing data and application management.

Learn more about how our solution solves IT headaches and keep students tech ready and engaged in learning from day one. We keep teachers and students happy with one less roadblock on the path to learning.

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Norwood City Schools

"You do a whole lot more than just creating a user account."

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Tolles Career and Technology Center

"We told teachers that they would have accounts the first day of school and with SPS-K12 we were able to keep that promise."

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Jeff Thoman

"Before SPS-K12 we really had no way to keep up with changes in student enrollment."

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Our mission is to enable learning communities to concentrate on their core mission: providing quality education to students, rather than wasting valuable district resources manually wrestling with data. Student Provisioning Services works with K12 districts of all sizes to implement a customized, fully automated data management system which allows you to focus on your mission and your students. Our solution is scalable, allowing it to grow along with your district.

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