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What size school districts does SPS-K12 serve?

SPS-K12 provides our exceptional data solution to all sizes of learning communities, including private and higher education. 

What grade levels does SPS-K12 Serve

SPS-K12 services Pre-K through 12th grade, as well as higher education.

Does it matter what student information systems I use?

SPS-K12 can be used with any student information system (SIS). We have an integration with CLEVER, and GG4L to help schools transfer data seamlessly and securely. We also have partnerships with Software Answers ProgressBook, PowerSchool, and many other state specific data initiatives that allows us write back access. Contact us to find out more. 

What about students who join our district during the school year?

Accounts can potentially be created within an hour for new students, making their transition less stressful for the student and staff.

What if a student leaves the school before the school year is over?

Our solution will automatically disable any student account with an inactive status. For example, if you have a student who is expelled for bullying, their account will be disabled as soon as we get the inactive code for that student. Effectively closing the loop and minimizing risk.

Is my data secure with SPS-K12?

At SPS-K12, we take data FERPA compliance very seriously. Full FERPA and SOPIPA complaint.

How much does SPS-K12's data management solution cost?

We understand the constraints of a school's IT budget so we designed flexible pricing plans to help our customers get on board.

Do I have to purchase a server or other hardware to use SPS-K12's software?

No hardware infrastructure is required for SPS account management. It's all in the cloud!

How does SPS-K12's software transfer my data?

There are many ways we can capture your data. We feature a convenient integration with CLEVER, GG4L, and other SIS providers. Your implementation engineer will help you choose what will be best for your learning community.


Can you help me configure Google Cloud Sync?

Yes, SPS-K12 can set up and configure Google Cloud Directory Sync for a nominal fee.

Does SPS-K12 have a privacy policy?

Yes, you can read more about our commitment to student privacy on this page. 

Have additional questions?

Is there something you’re still looking for? Please reach out to a member of our staff, and we’ll answer you back as soon as possible.  Use this link to schedule a software demo.

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