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Help Students Find an Audience for their Passion

August 19, 2017 | SPS-K12 Team

Help Students

As our students and teachers take on the task of getting back to school and adjusting to their new classes, many students will be fresh from a summer of exploring their passions or interests.

In this post we present some tools to help them do just that, which teachers can utilize to meet curriculum goals and keep students engaged, all while showing them a tool they might use to explore their passions.

Not long ago if you wanted to write a book, you would have to get a publisher to look at your work and decide if it was worthy for the presses. Same goes for music, art, motion pictures and more. Now, it’s easier than ever for a person to share their talents with the world. The problem is while kids are in school, they are still developing their talents. They may have a passion for music or writing and want to explore that passion, and more importantly, present their passion to others to find out if they are any good.

The good news is that there are tools available at school, and at home in many cases, that can help a student publish and share their work with a real audience and even get feedback. A process that is essential for anyone exploring a passion and especially valuable for school age kids to learn. After all, we know that learning is social and social proof is important in many aspects of society. Many high schools have a capstone project in place, which enables them to explore a passion or an interest in the context of a high school course and present and publish their work.

Below are some tools that educators can share with students through the day to day curriculum and special projects. Assuming your district has access and a smooth sign on process students and teachers can apply these tools to a variety of curriculum goals.

Blogging or Website Building

Google Sites

Book Publishing (Print or Electronic)


Art/ Photography/Photo editing

Pic Monkey



Story telling/idea sharing


Video creation- Windows Movie Maker
Video creation- iMovie
Video Creation- Animato
Video Creation- Powtoon
Video Sharing- Youtube
Video Sharing- Vimeo


Explain Everything

SPS-K12 is dedicated to making sure each student has access to technology in the classroom. We make it easy for IT to set up and manage user names and passwords, so students can get right to learning.

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