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Google Workspace for Education is More Than a Name Change

March 8, 2021 | Keith Larson

There has certainly been a lot of chatter recently about the sweeping changes that Google made with their transition from G-Suite for Education to Workspace for Education. I...

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Google Enterprise Licensing Considerations for Remote Learning

November 24, 2020 | Keith Larson

We have all had to adapt to a new type of normal as a result of COVID-19. Most of the school districts that we work with have either chosen Zoom or Google Meet as their...

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Google Group Improvements

July 29, 2020 | Keith Larson

Google has been giving some much needed attention to features related to synchronizing Active Directory groups to G-Suite.  We discussed the changes made in 4.7.3 here.

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How to Automate Staff Accounts for School Districts

June 30, 2020 | Keith Larson

Student Provisioning Services has provided student account automation for MicroFocus eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory for over six years now. Recently we have been...

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With Graduation Over, What's Next for your Education Technology Department

May 31, 2020 | Keith Larson

Now that this school year is over, and the graduation parties are done, what do we do with accounts for the students that just graduated. The practice/policy varies across...

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GCDS & Google Group managers, Finally Here

March 5, 2020 | Keith Larson

I have some good news for you.  Google has added a new feature to Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) that you are going to love if you are managing groups in Google by...

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GCDS Changes are Coming

December 20, 2019 | Keith Larson

It has been a while since I have written a quick “how to”.  There have been a lot of changes at Student Provisioning Services, but they have all been good and positive. ...

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The Penalty Box

July 30, 2019 | Keith Larson

One of the primary goals in process automation is to put structures in place that require little or no manual intervention. For a large percentage of your students, this is...

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How to Use Profiles With GCDS

February 28, 2019 | Keith Larson

Most of the topics that I choose for blog posts come from direct real-world questions or issues that come from customers. This is one of those. 

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Tips and Tricks to using GAM to Manage Student G-Suite Accounts

December 18, 2018 | Keith Larson
I would like to share some helpful tricks that I have learned where we combine a potent tool named GAM and my all-time favorite DOS command (yes, I actually have one of...

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